Be an Airshow Hero and Volunteer

Interested in giving back to your community in an exciting way? Use your special talents and airshow love by volunteering behind the scenes of The Great Pacific Airshow!  

As you volunteer, you will not only be an integral part of making a spectacular event a reality, you'll get to feel, hear and see the excitement all around you. from the inside. 

Volunteer days will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday October 19 - 21 and for some squads, a few days leading up to the event itself. Hours are approximately from 8AM to 4PM each day, but vary. 

Please take a look at the descriptions here and if you'd like to join any of the teams on your own or with friends, please submit our volunteer form below. We'll be in touch to get you setup with a volunteer coordinator who can onboard you as part of the airshow team.