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Vendors plan to sell in an ongoing way while exhibitors are at the airshow to promote a community group, share the work of a non-profit, or demo a product or technology, etc.
Tell us what you would like to bring to The Great Pacific Airshow in 2018!
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Join The Great Pacific Airshow as a vendor or exhibitor in the festival. We're open to your ideas! From food vendors and brand activations to community organizations, we want you there! 

TGPA takes place over a full mile of beach and the surrounding hardscaped areas. As in 2017 there will be large festival areas capable of hosting a wide range of activations from displays as large as a plane to as small as a pop-up tent.

For food and beverage vendors, there will a handful of designated zones ready for your food truck, ice cream stand, or beverage service. 

Please complete the application form below and we'll be in touch to discuss logistics, the fee structure appropriate to your proposal, and to help you prepare for TGPA.  

Submissions close September 15.