Book a Private Chalet at TGPA

Here's your opportunity to entertain your clients, VIPs, friends and loved ones in your very own Private Chalet on the sand.  Enjoy front-row views as the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds amaze the crowds with their highly choreographed performance featuring F-16 fighter jets!

The Airshow is offering you a Private Chalet with catered food, beverage and alcohol options so that you and your VIPs can enjoy a premium view of the country’s most spectacular Airshow with world-class hospitality. Your chalet will include a shaded pavilion in a prime location on the sand, access to private restrooms, dedicated Airshow staff to facilitate your needs, great food, hosted beverage services and a narrated audio experience of the Airshow as it unfolds live!

Skip the boring company meeting space and annual Holiday dinner party and take your entertaining to the next level! Your VIP customers, top executives and best employees will all like you better after you take them to the Airshow!

Download our Private Chalet brochure and be in touch for your custom package.